Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yes, it's real like in the movies :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is a phone, is it?
Anyway, who doesn’t want it on his wrist and feel it the way it is ?
Nanotehnology is getting more and more capable to enter in our lives.
Transforming your mobile devices into different shapes it is a revolutionary step. It would cost less and include more functionality in a smaller space.
It’s made out of flexible materials, transparent electronic parts, over 10.000 transistors and nanosensors.

The best part is that the nanostructured surface it is a self-cleaning one, it uses things that we meet in natural systems, as naturally repel water, dirt and even fingerprints.

How cool it will be to have a self-cleaning gloves or shirt ... I would say that today i want my shirt changes it’s color or make it a litlle tighter ... huh.

Here you can see what it really does this beauty and keep in mind that the future sounds not always bad as a lot of our earth-born fellows thinks.
Leave some impression about it, i will be glad to hear your opinions about something so ... you call it :).

the revolutionary movie:

Source: nokia

The start

Well, well here i am. Trying to show things i like from what i see.
New gadgets. Futurist designs. Needed or not ? Well, every one knows for sure what he needs so i let you think what is useless or not.
There are a lot of things which comes and go every day, but few remains in our mind.

Who wants to have a phone instead a computer, a phone and gps and who knows what else ? Hmm, you there? Or, you? ... Everybody, almost, will say that „i want it”.
That’s something already exists.
Ok, but who wants a phone who feel what we do? Everybody questioned will answer ... :) most likely, i do (don't think at the common... i do)!
This one i think it is Nokia Morph, but who hear anything about it? Not many. And the news stays locked up for the moment.

I will not mess around and start show up here the things i like and explain what they do.


Friday, August 29, 2008

The beggining

A new way to connect, blog's way.